YVRAA Bagaining Update

You’re bargaining team met with the employer October 18 and 19 in face to face negotiations. Your bargaining team is comprised of: 

Dave Jackson,

Barry Tchir,

Devin Glass,

Kevin Mann,

David Costa, and

Jacob Salway.

The employer is represented by:

Michele Mawhinney,

Steve Hankinson,

Reg Krake, and

Sarah Gallagher.

The first day we exchanged proposals and then took time to explain the intent of those proposals. The discussions to date have been respectful and positive. The second day we continued discussing non-monetary proposals and exchanged draft language. We are meeting next with the employer November 23 and 24, with further meetings scheduled November 29, 30, December 1 and 2. We will continue to update you as bargaining goes forward.

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YVRAA Collective Bargaining Dates Confirmed

YVR Bargaining update:

Your Negotiating Team have confirmed meeting dates with the Employer:

October 18 & 19th ,

November 23 & 24,  and

November 29th through December 2nd.

Further updates will be posted as information is available.


In Solidarity,

Your Negotiating Team

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YVRAA Collective Bargaining

Hello Brothers & Sisters!

The UCTE/PSAC bargaining committee have compiled your bargaining proposals.  We will soon start the work on crafting the appropriate collective agreement language to address those proposals.  Your negotiating team is made up of:  Barry Tchir, Devin Glass, Kevin Mann, David Costa, Jacob Salway and Dave Clark.  Our PSAC Negotiator is once again Dave Jackson.

The PSAC have sent the official “notice to bargain” letter to the employer on September 1, 2016.  Our negotiator has been in contact with the employer to start the discussion on bargaining date meetings and location.

We will keep you updated as quickly as possible when additional information is available.
In Solidarity

Your Negotiating Team.

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General Meeting

General Meeting

Local 20221

 June 1, 2016

7:00 pm


IAM Lodge

7980 River Road

Richmond, BC

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New Executive Officers

At our Annual General Meeting on March 10th 2016 we voted in new Executive Officers

President – Barry Tchir

Vice President – Kevin Mann

Secretary Treasurer – David Costa

YVR Chief Shop Steward- Devin Glass

Swissport Fuelers Chief Shop Steward – Ron Chohan

YVR Health & Safety Officer – Chris Miller

Swissport Health & Safety Officer – Arkady Waisburd

The Executive team thanks all who turned out to support their Executive

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General Meeting Minutes Dec 3, 2015

December 3, 2015

General Meeting Minutes

UCTE Local 20221

15 Members in attendance

Old Minutes – Were posted online for members to view.

Report accepted – by members in attendance.

President’s Report – Barry Tchir

Busy summer:

-Swissport Fuelers and Supervisors in Conciliations.

-No Swissport members will be allowed to wear support stickers, however it is encouraged that any members (not including Swissport) to wear stickers when performing duties airside.

Report accepted – by members in attendance.

Vice President’s Report – Elmer

  • -Swissport is in negotiations with both groups (Fuelers and Supervisors) for a new Collective Agreement. Ron Chohan is on the bargaining committee.
  • -All bargaining issues outstanding are monetary.
  • -Ron has been working on numerous grievances with their Swissport employer.
  • Looking for a BBQ dates that works for all parties in 2016.
  • Swissport stewards are trying to resolve issues outside of the grievance process.

Report accepted – by members in attendance.

Globe Ground Chief Shop’s Steward Report – Ron Chohan

  • 2 grievances settled before Arbitrations

Swissport Bargaining Update

  • Sat with the Swissport employer 3 times in 2015 for bargaining.
  • Nov 12-13 Local and Swissport met for Concilliations.
  • Swissport wants to cut all benefits.
  • Meeting with Swissport Dec 29th and possible strike after that.
  • Dave Clark (Floor) – FYI, last time Swissport had a Strike vote, they had a 100% turnout and 100% strike vote.
  • Dave Clark (Floor) – FYI, Swissport Supervisors were locked out 2 round of bargaining ago.


Report accepted – by members in attendance.

YVR Chief Shop Steward’s Report – Kevin Mann

  • 15 Grievances this year. Compared to 100 grievances last year.
  • Of the 15 grievances, they are based on:
  • OT for day staff
  • Discipline
  • Dismissal
  • Travel Time.


The YVR employer has been more willing to resolve issues at consultation phase this year.

Report accepted – by members in attendance.

Secretary/Treasurer Report – David Costa

  • 434 members to date
  • Account balance to date is $47,371.69

The financial status of our Local is very healthy.

Report accepted – by members in attendance.

Guest Speaker – Deanna Kimball Regional Representative PSAC

  • Bring to our attention about PSAC Mobilization and bargaining
  • PSAC Education
  • Area Councils:
  • Successful ad campaign for election cuts in public services
  • Opportunities for the next Provincial Election.
  • PSAC BC Women’s Committee looking for involvement
  • Issues may contain violence against women.


  • Dec 6 is the Anniversary of École Polytechnique massacre, there will be a vigil at the BC PSAC office.
  • Issues that PSAC will be focusing on are Universal Childcare
  • PSAC BC course that are happening, see union boards:
  • Talking Union Basics
  • Understanding the Collective Agreement
  • Public Speaking for Trade Unionists
  • Grievance Handling
  • Support stickers will be coming out for the Swissport bargaining
  • 3 Conferences to be held in 2016 by PSAC BC:
  • Young Workers Regional Conference
  • Racially Visible Regional Conference
  • Regional Women’s Conference


New Business

Dave Clark – UCTE Regional Vice President

  • Explained Dues changes in Swissport Supervisors and Fuelers since Organizing dues plan ended starting Jan 2016
  • Barry Tchir explained the small dues increase coming from the 2015 PSAC National convention


Motion’s accepted to closed New Business and adjourn meeting.

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Swissport Fuelers and Supervisors groups Ratified New Collective Agreements

Swissport Fuelers and Supervisors groups Ratified New Collective Agreements


After  lengthy negotiations approximately 100 Members of 2 separate  bargaining units working for Swissport Canada Fuel Services at Vancouver International Airport have ratified new collective agreements, expiring in 2018.

Both the Supervisors group and the Fuelers group received monetary improvements with retention of their benefits packages.

These members are employed by Swissport at Vancouver Airport and provide fueling and administrative support, perform safety monitoring, and calculate fuel loads to most airlines operating at YVR. They also support the 2 storage tank facilities as well as the pipeline on the apron hydrants.

The bargaining teams would like to thank members for their support during a tough round of negotiations.



Barry Tchir Local President

Mike Garofano, Fueling Supervisor team member

Ron Chohan, Fueling Chief Shop Steward/Team member

Ravi Dami, Team member

John Alexandrakis, Team member

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Swissport Tentative Settlement

We have a Tentative Settlement for our

Swissport Fuelers and Supervisors.

The package includes monetary improvements and retention of benefits, further details will be available at the meeting.

Union Meeting

Ratification Vote

When: Saturday February 13th, Start time

10AM To 16:00

Location: Main Office Training Room


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Headline – ARINC Tentative Settlement Ratified

After many months of negotiations ARINC members of UCTE Local 20221 voted 85% to ratify the tentative Collective Agreement put forth by the negotiating team Thanks to PSAC Regional Rep Garry Fraser for overseeing the voting process.

In solidarity your bargaining team.
Barry Tchir, President UCTE Local 20221
Dave Tisdall, Local 20221 Member
Erna Post, PSAC Negotiator
Dave Clark UCTE RVP Pacific

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ARINC Ratification Vote Date

Ratification Meeting and Vote date is March 6th 2014.
We have 2 sessions scheduled starting at 5:00pm and again at 6:30pm
Location is room 4106 DTB level 4 in front of Elevators 8, 9 which can be accessed from behind the information booth Domestic Level 3
Your negotiating team will be there to answer questions at that time.
Please note, PSAC constitution does not allow Proxy or absentee voting so please make every effort to attend.

In solidarity,
Your bargaining team,
Dave Tisdall, Member
Barry Tchir, President Ucte Local 20221
Dave Clark, UCTE RVP Pacific
Erna Post, PSAC Negotiator

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