Notice of General Meeting – December 3, 2015

Annual General Meeting
Local 20221

December 3, 2015

7:00 p.m.

IAM Lodge
7980 River Road
Richmond, BC

We hope to see you there.

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Headline – ARINC Tentative Settlement Ratified

After many months of negotiations ARINC members of UCTE Local 20221 voted 85% to ratify the tentative Collective Agreement put forth by the negotiating team Thanks to PSAC Regional Rep Garry Fraser for overseeing the voting process.

In solidarity your bargaining team.
Barry Tchir, President UCTE Local 20221
Dave Tisdall, Local 20221 Member
Erna Post, PSAC Negotiator
Dave Clark UCTE RVP Pacific

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ARINC Ratification Vote Date

Ratification Meeting and Vote date is March 6th 2014.
We have 2 sessions scheduled starting at 5:00pm and again at 6:30pm
Location is room 4106 DTB level 4 in front of Elevators 8, 9 which can be accessed from behind the information booth Domestic Level 3
Your negotiating team will be there to answer questions at that time.
Please note, PSAC constitution does not allow Proxy or absentee voting so please make every effort to attend.

In solidarity,
Your bargaining team,
Dave Tisdall, Member
Barry Tchir, President Ucte Local 20221
Dave Clark, UCTE RVP Pacific
Erna Post, PSAC Negotiator

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Tentative Agreement reached for ARINC members

Following months of negotiations and at the end of a very long 3 days of bargaining this week we have reached a tentative deal with ARINC.
More details will be‎ forthcoming as we set up a ratification vote date in the near future.

In solidarity your bargaining team.
Erna Post, PSAC Negotiator
Dave Tisdall, Local 20221 Member
Barry Tchir, President UCTE Local 20221
Dave Clark UCTE RVP Pacific

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Local 20221 Annual General Meeting

On Tuesday, February 25th at 6:45pm will be an Annual General Meeting for our local 20221 at the IAM Lodge 764 on River Road

The agenda includes:

· Reports from the President, the Chief Shop Steward Service Air Globe Ground, the Health & Safety Officer and the Secretary/Treasurer.

· Executive Elections.

· New Business

The elections will be for the following positions:

· Local President

· VP of Labour

· Chief Shop Steward YVRAA

· Chief Shop Steward Service Air Globe Ground

· Health & Safety Officer YVRAA

· Health & Safety Officer Service Air Globe Ground

· Secretary Treasurer

If you can’t be there for the elections and wish to run, then you must fill out and sign a nomination form and have someone nominate you at the meeting. There is no proxy vote for these elections, you must attend to have a vote. This vote will be overseen by our PSAC Regional Representative.

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ARINC Bargaining update December 2013

The bargaining team met with ARINC December 10,11,12 in Vancouver. While progress has been made on a number of items, there are still some key issues that are outstanding.

* The master schedule and hours of work remain unresolved.
* We are far apart on monetary issues -there has been no agreement on a fair annual wage increase with full retro-activity
* Vacation and leave improvements are still under discussion.

We will be working to try and resolve these issues over the coming weeks, and hope to be able to report back to you mid to late January on the status of negotiations.

In the meantime, the best of the holiday season to you and your families.

In Solidarity,

Your negotiating team

Erna Post (PSAC negotiator)
Dave Clark (UCTE Regional VP)
Barry Tchir (Local President)
Dave Tisdall (Member)

Please call or email us if you have any questions or concerns.

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ARINC Negotiations Update

We met with ARINC in Vancouver for 3 days in early October and exchanged proposals.

The ARINC management team is made up of American management who are unfamiliar with our Canadian Law and bargaining process. Much of our time was spent on explaining Canadian processes and setting expectations.

Shift scheduling is a priority, and your bargaining team has taken forward the position that you have asked us to. There appears to be some initial resistance on the part of ARINC to accept a standing schedule that is fair to all members.

We will be meeting with the ARINC team again when they fly in from the US the 9th of December.

We will provide you with an update after those meetings so stay tuned.

Your negotiating team

Erna Post (PSAC negotiator)

Dave Clark (UCTE Regional VP)

Barry Tchir (Local President)

Dave Tisdall (Member)

Please call or email me if you have any questions or concerns. My contact info is below for those who don’t already have it along with the Local website info.


In Solidarity, Barry Tchir


UCTE Local 20221


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YVRAA Tentative Settlement Ratified

In solidarity your negotiating team

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Click here for a link to the PDF for the ratification voting location

Click here for a link to the PDF of the Tentative Settlement Summary

Click here for a link to the PDF of the Memorandum of Settlement

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Tentative Settlement Summary

Public Service Alliance of Canada

Alliance de Ia Fonction publique  du Canada


TO:   All PSAC Members of the Bargaining Unit

Vancouver International Airport Authority

Tentative Settlement for a Renewal Collective Agreement

On Thursday  August 29, 2013, a Tentative Agreement was reached between the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Vancouver International Airport Authority. This Tentative Agreement is subject to the ratification  by both parties.

The agreement  will become effective upon the date of ratification unless otherwise agreed to.


The following highlights some of the terms of the Tentative Agreement  subject to your ratification:

•  Duration- January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2016

•  Increase to all Rates of Pay as follows

1st Year – Effective January 1, 2013- 2%; In addition, all

employees will receive  a signing bonus  of $500.00.

2nd Year- Effective January 1, 2014- 2%; In addition, a Shared

Performance Pay “pilot” program will be in effect from  2014 to

2016.  Employees will be eligible for a bonus  of between $500.00

and $1,250.00 every year.  For 2014,  the target bonus of $500.00 is


3rd Year – Effective January 1, 2015- 2.25%; In addition, a shared

performance pay bonus  of between $500.00 and $1,250  if target is achieved.

4th Year – Effective January 1, 2016 – 2.25%; In addition, a shared

performance pay bonus  of between $500.00  and $1,250  if target is achieved.

•  Extended Health plan increase to $350.00 ($325.00)  per person as well as the implementation of a drug  card program

•   Improvements to Family Related Responsibility Leave

•  One additional designated paid holiday (BC Family  Day)

•   Improvements to language regarding Casual Part-time Employees

•   Changes to the Apprenticeship program for all new employees

•  Letter  of Understanding regarding “work from home”


The negotiating team was comprised  of the following members:

Patrick Fisher- member

Shari Sinclair- member

Barry Tchir- member

Dave Costa- member

Dave Clark – member

Colette Savarie – observer

Dave Jackson – chair


The negotiating  team unanimously recommends acceptance  of the Tentative Agreement.

All PSAC members  in the bargaining  unit are entitled to vote.

A majority vote in favour of the settlement authorizes  the Regional Executive Vice-President of the PSAC BC to sign a Collective Agreement on behalf of the membership.

Full details of all amendments or additions  will be provided and reviewed  at the ratification meetings to be held

Ratification Voting to take place on Sept 18th 2013 at The Radisson Hotel Richmond, 8181 Cambie Street, Richmond

The meeting times are 4pm and 6:30pm


In Solidarity,

Bob Jackson

Regional Executive  Vice-President



Team members

Luc Guevremont

D. Jackson


K. Devine

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