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General Meeting Sep 21, 2017

General Meeting

Local 20221

Sep 21, 2017

6:30 pm

YVR Terminal ITB

Level 4 Oval Room #C4857

Stairway next to Freshii in International Food Court

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General Meeting Minutes Dec 3, 2015

December 3, 2015

General Meeting Minutes

UCTE Local 20221

15 Members in attendance

Old Minutes – Were posted online for members to view.

Report accepted – by members in attendance.

President’s Report – Barry Tchir

Busy summer:

-Swissport Fuelers and Supervisors in Conciliations.

-No Swissport members will be allowed to wear support stickers, however it is encouraged that any members (not including Swissport) to wear stickers when performing duties airside.

Report accepted – by members in attendance.

Vice President’s Report – Elmer

  • -Swissport is in negotiations with both groups (Fuelers and Supervisors) for a new Collective Agreement. Ron Chohan is on the bargaining committee.
  • -All bargaining issues outstanding are monetary.
  • -Ron has been working on numerous grievances with their Swissport employer.
  • Looking for a BBQ dates that works for all parties in 2016.
  • Swissport stewards are trying to resolve issues outside of the grievance process.

Report accepted – by members in attendance.

Globe Ground Chief Shop’s Steward Report – Ron Chohan

  • 2 grievances settled before Arbitrations

Swissport Bargaining Update

  • Sat with the Swissport employer 3 times in 2015 for bargaining.
  • Nov 12-13 Local and Swissport met for Concilliations.
  • Swissport wants to cut all benefits.
  • Meeting with Swissport Dec 29th and possible strike after that.
  • Dave Clark (Floor) – FYI, last time Swissport had a Strike vote, they had a 100% turnout and 100% strike vote.
  • Dave Clark (Floor) – FYI, Swissport Supervisors were locked out 2 round of bargaining ago.


Report accepted – by members in attendance.

YVR Chief Shop Steward’s Report – Kevin Mann

  • 15 Grievances this year. Compared to 100 grievances last year.
  • Of the 15 grievances, they are based on:
  • OT for day staff
  • Discipline
  • Dismissal
  • Travel Time.


The YVR employer has been more willing to resolve issues at consultation phase this year.

Report accepted – by members in attendance.

Secretary/Treasurer Report – David Costa

  • 434 members to date
  • Account balance to date is $47,371.69

The financial status of our Local is very healthy.

Report accepted – by members in attendance.

Guest Speaker – Deanna Kimball Regional Representative PSAC

  • Bring to our attention about PSAC Mobilization and bargaining
  • PSAC Education
  • Area Councils:
  • Successful ad campaign for election cuts in public services
  • Opportunities for the next Provincial Election.
  • PSAC BC Women’s Committee looking for involvement
  • Issues may contain violence against women.


  • Dec 6 is the Anniversary of École Polytechnique massacre, there will be a vigil at the BC PSAC office.
  • Issues that PSAC will be focusing on are Universal Childcare
  • PSAC BC course that are happening, see union boards:
  • Talking Union Basics
  • Understanding the Collective Agreement
  • Public Speaking for Trade Unionists
  • Grievance Handling
  • Support stickers will be coming out for the Swissport bargaining
  • 3 Conferences to be held in 2016 by PSAC BC:
  • Young Workers Regional Conference
  • Racially Visible Regional Conference
  • Regional Women’s Conference


New Business

Dave Clark – UCTE Regional Vice President

  • Explained Dues changes in Swissport Supervisors and Fuelers since Organizing dues plan ended starting Jan 2016
  • Barry Tchir explained the small dues increase coming from the 2015 PSAC National convention


Motion’s accepted to closed New Business and adjourn meeting.

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Local 20221 General Meeting November 5th 2009 at 7PM

There is a general meeting for local 20221 scheduled on November 5th at 7PM at the IAM Lodge on River Road in Richmond.

There will be reports from;

The President
The VP of Labour
Health & Safety Officer

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Local By Law Changes

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April 16, 2009 Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2009 Meeting minutes

Local 20221

19:10 Quorum was met as per Local By Laws. PSAC Rep Janelle Ho Shing

President Dave Clark discusses old Business.

Old business was accepted.


Presidents Report

Bargaining Update

We have met with the employer for 6 days. We will be meeting on April 20-24 for our final scheduled days of bargaining. We have signed off some non monetary issues and we are yet to deliver our monetary proposal. Our Bargaining package was posted on our Local website. The big issue is your PENSION.

Exclusions Update

The Local has requested that the C.I.R.B make a decision on the outstanding disputed positions.

QUESTION- I have heard that the employer wishes to meet with the C.I.R.B and not have a hearing?

ANSWER- We are awaiting the boards response on their request.


The vacation bidding for the Olympics is complete. The Union and the employer must now meet to discuss the vacation requests.

QUESTION- Will the website be updated daily during negotiations?

ANSWER- That is for the negotiating team to decide.


We need to update our local By Laws to reflect our new members that we have organized recently. The notice was put on record & next meeting and the members shall vote on the changes.

Motion to accept the Presidents report? First and Seconded.

Report accepted 19:20

Vice President of Labour Relations Report

Through different organizing initiatives we have managed to obtain a few other employers and members. In the C.I.R.B common employer application the board determined that YVRPM is under common control and direction of YVRAA.

The Globe Ground Supervisors unit of 23 members was organized and recognized by the C.I.R.B. We have given our notice to bargain with their employer.

In the IT sector we have organized ARINC INC. This is a 21 member unit that is currently in front of the Labour Board. We are awaiting the employers response.

As recently as of this morning we have signed up 73 new members. We will be submitting the application to the C.I.R.B tomorrow.

This should bring our membership total to approximately 440 members. This does not include the management excluded.

QUESTION- Do we get our standby retro?

ANSWER- Our proposal is with the employer. We should expect a settlement within 2 month.

Motion to accept the VP of Labour report? First and Seconded.

Report accepted 19:30

Secretary Treasurer/ Vice President of Membership Services Report

Our year end financial report was sent to UCTE as per our April mandate. The year end is $14,802.58

Our current account information is $16,973.92

Motion to accept the report? First and Seconded.

Report accepted 19:35

Health and Safety Report

April 28 is the National day of Mourning. We had 160 workers die in BC in the past year.

NAOSH week is upcoming and I will keep you updated on the NAOSH events.

Motion to accept the report? First and Seconded.

Report accepted 19:37


President steps down and the VP of Labour assumes the chair.

Brother Clark made a notice of motion and requested that we give a total motion for all of the proposed by law changes.

The chair accepted this motion.

The bylaws were read out by the by law number.

Brother Clark requested that the Chair post all of the proposed by law changes separately on the Local website and Union boards. This was accepted by the Chair.

The changes will be voted on at the next meeting.

President resumes the Chair.

QUESTION- How will we protect the new members under a separate Local?

ANSWER- They are under a separate Collective Agreement not a separate Local. They will have their negotiated rights.

QUESTION- So we can not cross their picket lines?

ANSWER- Our C.A speaks on the employer providing us with a safe path to work.

QUESTION- YVR tends to manipulate the C.A, does it go both ways?

ANSWER- There are rules and laws that govern us, such as negotiations and grievances. If you wish to make change then you must either grieve or propose a remedy for negotiations.

There will be no dues increase to the Local.

Notice of Motion to adjourn? First and Seconded.

Meeting adjourned 19:50

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